Spring Newsletter – Author Tobsha Learner

Hi, so it’s already almost half way through 2019, unbelievable! Extraordinary times both politically and in terms of historical change, and as a writer of historical fiction (as well as the thrillers – hello) I confess I’m battling the sinking feeling history comes in cycles – Sometimes I suspect writers are the canary in the mine and as such worth listening to.

But more optimistically for those readers who read The Magick Of Master Lilly you will be pleased to hear that it was mentioned as one of the best historical fiction reads for November 2018 in The Times (UK). As I write in three different genres – thrillers, historical fiction and erotic fiction – I suggest you take a leap of faith and venture to read a work from one of my other genres you are familiar with – it is still very much my voice, and there are elements of all three styles in each book. And in thanks for all your support and encouraging e mails (I’m always thrilled to get feedback, seriously it gets me through the moments of self doubt and isolation all writers experience) I have attached a new short story – seen nowhere else!


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