Jane, a forty-two year old investment banker, is married to Jonathan, six years younger and a political theorist who’s been financially dependant on his wife for years. Jane also has a sister Cathy, a journalist who’s married to Musa, an unemployed Chechen poet, with twin baby daughters, all of whom are also financially dependant on Jane. On her forty-second birthday Jane announces she wants to retire to have a baby of her own, much to Jonathan’s surprise and horror. When a suspected pregnancy turns out to be early menopause, Jane slides into a terrible depression. Meanwhile, Musa is trying to raise money to buy his brother’s liberation from a Russian detention centre, and Jonathan finds himself embroiled in his first affair. Suspenseful, this five hander begins as a comedy then twists into a dark epic.

The Sunday Telegraph

‘Tobsha Learner’s play Fidelity is rather like the playwright herself: initially and on the surface, it’s rather beautiful and acerbically funny; just below that charm, however, is another world – of ideas, sudden twists and turns, uncompromising explorations of human relations and even quite shockingly violent and tragically sad conclusions. It makes Fidelity an exceptionally powerful experience, both thought-provoking and memorable.’

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