The Blank Year 2020

First of all to all my readers a huge apology for the long silence – like a lot of you, and many other creatives, the sequence of events on the geo-political global landscape stunned me into a numbed silence. Having written fairly extensively on the plague in the 17thcentury (Witch of Cologne and in The […]

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12 astrology profiles from characters from The Magick of Master Lilly

The first character and protagonist of the book WILLIAM LILLY – Infamous and famous Astrologer: 1602 – 1681 Active and influential during the First English Civil War: 1641 – 1649 TAURUS   (William Lilly’s description of the sun signs in his original voice) The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Taurus.
QUALITY. Taurus is an Earthly, Cold, […]

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