SPHINX is the story of Oliver, an English geophysicist working in the Egyptian oilfields in 1977 – year of President Sadat’s visit to the Israeli Knesset and President Carter’s visit to Cairo. When Isabella, Oliver’s young Italian Egyptian wife and marine archaeologist drowns discovering the holy grail of her career – a mysterious astrolabe, an artefact she is convinced is the predecessor of the Antikythera mechanism, – Oliver finds himself embarking on an extraordinary adventure that takes him into the mystical depths of Ancient Egyptian religious worship, political intrigue and terror as his material and scientific beliefs are both challenged and finally overturned.

Mythical in it’s ambition SPHINX is a literary page-turner set against the tense backdrop of Sadat’s Egypt and the decadent decaying remnants of the colonial European Diaspora in Alexandria.

Published by
Harper Collins, Australia

Sphere/LittleBrown, UK

Widely available in all good bookstores and supermarkets. Note to UK readers if buying online – the UK edition is currently different from the Australian edition.

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