12 astrology profiles from characters from The Magick of Master Lilly

The first character and protagonist of the book

William Lilly at the right age of time of the novel

WILLIAM LILLY – Infamous and famous Astrologer: 1602 – 1681
Active and influential during the First English Civil War: 1641 – 1649


(William Lilly’s description of the sun signs in his original voice)
The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Taurus.
QUALITY. Taurus is an Earthly, Cold, Dry, Melancholy, Feminine, Nocturnal, Fixed, Domestic or Bestial Sign, of the Earthly Triplicity, and South, the Night-house of Venus. 
DISEASES: The Kings Evil, sore Throats, Wens, Fluxes of Rheumes falling into the Throat, Quinzies, It apostumes in those part. 
PLACES Stables where Horses are, low Houses, Houses where the implements of Cattle are laid up, Pastures or Feeding grounds where no Houses are neer, plain grounds, or where Bushes have bin latley grub’d up, and Wherein Wheat and Corn is sowed, some little Tree not far off, in Houses, Cellars, low Rooms. 
DESCRIPTION. It presents one of a short, but of a full, strong and well set stature, a broad Forehead, great Eyes, big Face; large, strong Shoulders; great mouth, and thick Lips; large Hands; black rugged Hair. 
KINGDOMS: Polonia the great, North part of Sweathland, Rissia, Ireland, Switzerland, Lorrain, Campania, Persia, Cypress, Parthia. 
CITIES RULED BY TAURUS:  Novigrade, Parma, Bolonia, Panormus, Mantita, Sena, Brixia, Carolstad, Nants, Liepsig, Herbipolis.


‘My profession was that of Philomath, specialising in the predictive craft of horary, although I secretly practised the dexterity of the occult(the benign and learned form) as well as performing as medic and herbalist to many of the local comunitity. Horaries, Natal figures, seduction of reluctant lovers, the finding of lost things, and the location of errant husbands, were just some of my expertise an, as Physic and Astrologer, I as obliged to examine the urine of my clients for aliment, and so I was fit referred to as a piss prophet, to my chagrin.’…
‘..This morning I was woken by Roundheads breaking down the door of a neighbour’s house looking for a Catholic cook. The blue-gilled master and his mistress shivered in their nightshirts, bare feet in mud, whilst cropped-haired youths broke windows in a sullen violence. It were a pitiful sight, but none of the street including myself dared stand up against pike and zealot.’

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