The Glass Mermaid

The Glass Mermaid Set on the Gold coast, Queensland, Sara Koch, a widowed antropologist, hires Janko Kavoic, a Croatian refugee working as a male escort, to wear the clothes and enact the gestures of her dead husband, who committed suicide... Read more »


Set in Melbourne, Australia, this play traces the odyssey of Daniel Lupus, sensualist and womaniser through the 1960's, 70's and 80's. From the moment of his first sexual encounter, Daniel's creativity and sexuality become inexorably linked. His friends and... Read more »

Les Enfants Du Paradis

A stage adaptation of the Jacques Prevert's 1942 film -┬áLarge Cast. Directed by Geoffrey Rush for the Victorian College of the Arts. The Age '... The play, as the name suggests, is a heady whirl of emotion, obsession and extremes, a journey... Read more »


Jane, a forty-two year old investment banker, is married to Jonathan, six years younger and a political theorist who's been financially dependant on his wife for years. Jane also has a sister Cathy, a journalist who's married to Musa,... Read more »


An illiterate middle-aged cashier with deeply religious convictions, Immaculata, is working back late at the supermarket when God talks to her through the cash register - only God is female and Italian, and anoints Immaculata as her community representative.... Read more »

Radio plays

Queen Song

A ten year old moves into an old house in Sydney, she develops a relationship with the eccentric old ex-Airforce pilot who lives next door - a reclusive bachelor who keeps bees. She then finds herself dreaming the dreams... Read more »

Lionheart (radio play)

A lonely civil servant investigates a complaint about the roaring lions in the suburban neighbourhood. He stumbles upon a run-down private zoo; only the lions are left in their enclosure. He embarks upon an affair with the young brazen... Read more »

Volkov (radio play)

The story of an elderly Russian cab driver working in Australia who was once a classical violinist in Stalin's Soviet Union. He picks up a young Australian violinist on her way to an audition and becomes obsessed with her.... Read more »

One person plays


Both as a ten minute monologue (which won best comedy - Short and Sweet festival/Sydney 2004) and as a full length play): A comedy written from the perspective of the penis of a porn star who, suddenly finding himself flaccid... Read more »

S.N.A.G (Sensitive New Age Guy)

Lloyd Winwright, an advertising executive married happily for fifteen years, comes home to discover his wife in bed with his twin sister who then set up home together. Devastated, Lloyd joins a mens group and throws himself into singlehood.... Read more »


Jewish medium and holocaust survivor, Batch Blattstein; is asked to contact a client's dead mother. As she attempts to do so she is possessed by two other spirits (who, like herself, have been victims of religious persecution): Lario, a... Read more »

Short plays

The Gun In History - the odyssey of a Luger gun (short play)

Handed down through three generations of Australian men, a dark look at sexuality and violence. Half an hour, six actors. Australian Jewish News '... powerful drama covering three generations and two wars (World 2 and Korea) and a slice of the... Read more »

Feast (short play)

Passover service at a secular Jewish family in the Australian suburb of Bondi. The eldest son Jacob, 18 yrs, is late. The Passover service begins without him. Just after they begin Jacob arrives completely naked, and without uttering a... Read more »


The Map

1613: Shimon Mendiluze, a Spanish Jewish alchemist fleeing the Inquisition, is found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake in London. But...
Read more

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