Criminal Muse

9th August 2009

There was an interesting article a few weeks ago in the Australian papers citing a legal case in Western Australian wherein the Western Australian State government had frozen the bank account of an author who had co-written a book... Read more »

Castrating our own

25th July 2009

This week I’m posting a dialogue between the Australian writer of erotic fiction Linda Jaivin (Eat Me, A most Immoral woman) and myself, which is a humorous, but not outraged response to the statement released a few weeks ago... Read more »

Queen Warrior

13th July 2009

This week I had one of those bizarre encounters with Nature an urbanite like myself rarely experiences. Our neighbour in the US had told us about an incidence a couple of weeks ago where bees started swarming around an... Read more »

The Black Glove

28th June 2009

First of all apologies to regular readers for the late posting, I have been overwhelmed with rewrites (which are now finished) and was uncharacteristically existentially exhausted afterwards. Could be a sign of the times with the strange sense of... Read more »

Elastic String

9th June 2009

What is it with String theory that makes closet physicists and fantasists like myself so gripped by it? When I say closet physicist I’m exaggerating by at least ten dimensions, which is the number of, dimensions string theorists believe... Read more »

Piglet’s expense account

24th May 2009

Interesting times and not the best of them – I’ve had a couple of profound shocks to the kind of template to my rather eclectic belief system. The first was the discovery (thanks to my better half who is... Read more »

Sapien Trek

10th May 2009

There was a couple of things this week that caught my imagination – one was the wonderful confirmation that the minute primitive skeleton found in Flores, Indonesia known as Homo Florensienses is an entirely separate species of an man-like... Read more »

Reasons to be cheerful

1st May 2009

What a week! It feels as if we started with the first glimmers of possible economic recovery to finish with plague looming. Today I coughed in a bookshop (I have hay fever) and watched the shop assistant jump four... Read more »

On physical theatre

25th April 2009

This week I’m in pre-publicity for the Australian launch of the new novel Sphinx and back in London. I’ve seen three theatrical productions in seven days – the first ‘Death and the King’s Horseman’ was written by Nigerian playwright Wole... Read more »

Familiar myths

17th April 2009

A number of weeks ago there was a great article in New Scientist (28/3/09 – Helen Phillips) which was basically an analysis of déjà vu from a neurological perspective – the anatomical basis for such phenomenon and how the... Read more »


The Map

1613: Shimon Mendiluze, a Spanish Jewish alchemist fleeing the Inquisition, is found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake in London. But...
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